Ep. 53: College Students’ Expectations for the Fall

Students have offered mixed assessments of their learning experiences during the pandemic year. Many of them have complained about the lack of interaction with peers and professors in virtual environments, but appreciated the flexibility they gained in when and how they learned.

With many colleges planning a significant if not full return to their physical campuses this fall, what will students be expecting from their institutions and their professors when it comes to learning?

Have the last 15 months reinforced their appreciation for learning in person, or will they expect to have the option to attend class remotely when it suits them? 

Will professors who changed their teaching practices when they were forced to teach virtually embrace some of the new approaches or tools they adopted during the pandemic, or will they revert to their old ways of doing things?

We’re joined in this week’s episode of The Key by three experts on student learning and online education: Justin Louder, associate vice provost for eLearning & Academic Partnerships at Texas Tech University; Michelle Miller, professor of psychological sciences at Northern Arizona University; and Alexandra Salas, dean for innovation, teaching, digital learning excellence and educational support services at Delaware County Community College.

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